The first…

I realize I am late to the blogosphere – although I suppose better late than never.  The whole idea of blogging sits slightly awkwardly with me.  I never kept a dairy as a young girl – never felt the need to commit my thoughts to paper much less submit them to the public domain.  But, as the academic life keeps pushing me further and further away from my family, friends and loved ones, perhaps it’s time to cast away my skepticism and provide the aforementioned loved ones glimpses into my mostly mundane life and thoughts.

This is also an unassigned task to myself.  I’ve recently relocated to Minneapolis, as a post-doc in genetics at the University of Minnesota, and I’ll admit – it’s been overwhelmingly lonely and a difficult transition.  Partly because I loved life as a grad student at Duke– I had (and continue to have) amazing friendships, an outstanding intellectual community and really fantastic eating and drinking haunts.  Partly because I continue to live away from my always supportive and down-to-earth family and my partner in crime is setting up shop at the University of Florida.  And partly because I haven’t allowed myself to experience Minneapolis.  So you can see, it’s pretty easy for me to throw a pity party…and by writing this blog, I hope to leave the pity party to explore and appreciate not only Minneapolis but this time in my life.

Okay.  So there it is – my loneliness and good intentions are floating in cyberspace for the world to see (although in reality it’s only Scott reading). We’ll see where this takes me.


One response to “The first…

  1. Scott isn’t the only one reading this.

    Actually, I’ve been mulling over starting a blog for work, but I’ve been afraid it would just turn in to a rant.

    Maybe your blog will inspire me to stop mulling and start blogging.

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