The perks of academia

I admit to be in the middle of a lovers quarrel with academia – but that’s a topic for a later post.  Right now I just want to highlight one of the benefits of being an educated, free-thinking, independent and self-motivated person and working with a like-minded advisor – days spent working in the comfort of one’s own home (or coffeshop, library, etc).  It’s not a bad set-up, as you can see.

Unlimited coffee at hand (brewed with beans from Batdorf and Bronson, my absolute favorite from back home), the new Arcade Fire album in the background and working in my bathrobe without shame!  What could be better for a random Thursday?  And yes, I actually get a significant amount of work done on days like today (despite the fact that I am currently blogging and not working).  I even have moral support.


Puck, of "Puck and Kudzu"

That’s all I got for now.  Rocking out, drinking coffee and analyzing boatloads of data.  Just about all I could ask for to get out of a mid-week slump.


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