Let’s see.  It’s been a productive weekend.  I’ve caught up with an old friend, repainted the kitchen, cleaned the entire apartment and even weeded out my closet, which then led me to do some ironing and even managed to watch some episodes of Top Chef.  And while I am happy to have done those things, as they have been on my to-do list for months now – they are not actually the task that I need to do.  I have a manuscript that needs to be revised.  I should be more than happy to work on it – it’s made it through the peer-review process at a more than respectable journal and there are just a couple of minor things that need to be addressed before it gets published.  But I just can’t sit down to work on it.  But it needs to get done SOON.  There are a couple of reasons why I think I am procrastinating:  1) this is the last chapter from my dissertation and I have spent the last six months trying to move on to other compelling biological phenomena and 2) it just feels like busy work.  Move this paragraph into the discussion and adjust this figure, clarify the logic for experiment X….Okay, okay, I really should just get to it.

But first, let me share the results of my painting project.  I had originally painted the kitchen a very deep, intense raspberry color – which I really liked, but it didn’t really jibe with the other colors of the apartment.  So I toned it down.  I prefer to call it “rhubarb” although it might also be considered by some to be “pepto bismol pink.”

Looking towards the bedroom

Looking into the living room

I think that I like it better.  It’s still under consideration.  The colors remind me of a bright and cheery springtime.  I am hoping that they will help me through the doom and gloom of the upcoming Minnesota winter.  But maybe it’s too girly?  But then, I am a girl….

Moving on a technical note.  I’ve done a lot of painting in my day – and I mean a lot.  I think I might have an addiction to color.  But I suppose there are worse things.  Anyhow, painting is about a thousand times more bearable if you have good quality paint.  Let me not recommend paint from Home Depot (at least the Minneapolis location) – it’s thick and globby and you need to use way more than you should.  However, Royal paint from Ace Hardware – excellent.  It goes on evenly and smoothly and you always have some leftover should you need a touch up here or there.

As mentioned before – I also cleaned out my closet.  It’s something I try to do about every six months or so.  I find it a good exercise to be perfectly honest with myself.  Do I really like this?  Or worst yet – does it really still fit me?  Most things I decide to purge I feel like it’s their time to go and I accept it.  But some…usually the clothes that no longer fit…I just can’t bring myself to part with.  But I do it anyway.  The pile(s) will hang around for a fair amount of time – a trial separation if you will – to see if there is anything that I truly cannot live without.  I hardly ever rescue anything and then the pile is finally donated to charity.  This most recent cleaning led to a 20% reduction of dresses and a 30% reduction of skirts.  Yet, as you can see below – I still have a sizable wardrobe (and yes, it is color-coded).

So why do I feel the need to go shopping?  Most likely because I am still procrastinating on the manuscript revisions – which now that I’ve spent the last 30 minutes writing this post, I really am going to work on now.

Or maybe I should go to the grocery store…


One response to “Procrastination…

  1. What a great-looking vintage apartment, especially that open kitchen. And I think the colors look just about perfect. 🙂

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