Mom’s weekend

So my mother came to visit me this weekend.  And a lovely time was had.  Nothing really spectacular to note – just a lot of little things that makes life enjoyable.

A walk through the neighborhood that ended up at Pizza Luce in Uptown.  Enjoyed a beer on the patio while we waited for our table.  Filled up on some tomato and basil bruschetta and decided to be adventurous and ordered a baked potato pizza.  We were pleasantly surprised with how tasty it was.  I think the key was the extra smokey bacon they used.

Saturday brunch at Lucia’s (the baby Budapest muffins are well worth a visit).

Changing the car battery.  Yes, we are two strong women capable of changing an automobile battery.

A trip to the fabric store to pick up goodies for a craft project (reupholstering my dining room chairs) in my newly resurrected car.

A quiet dinner at home of leftover pizza and a fresh salad (spring greens, honeycrisp apple, raspberries, dried cranberries, blue cheese and caramelized walnuts dressed with some red wine vinegariette.  There may have been some catching up with Project Runway…

And a most delightful Sunday.  A much needed mother-daughter heart-to-heart followed by a breakfast of french toast topped with my experimental blueberry jam (which was delicious, although, more of a compote than a jam).  Then we headed east out of town to try our hand at apple-picking.  The weather was perfect for such an event.

We walked the apple orchards and vineyards while enjoying a cup of cider and an apple brat.

Then we made our way to the St. Croix river and stumbled along the quaint little town of Stillwater.  It was almost disgustingly cute.  We poked into all the little shops and walked around the river all the while remarking on how quaint the town was.

After such a full afternoon of activities we rewarded ourselves with ice cream from Izzy’s.

And we even managed to take a walk around Lake of the Isles, snapping photograph after photograph trying to capture the fall colors.

So thanks Mom, for a great weekend!


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