Why, Winter?

I’ve run smack into winter here in the Twin Cities.  And I am not happy about it.  Minneapolis, you had almost lured me into liking you.  Nice parks, good restaurants, a fantastic art and music scene and decent public transit – it has been a lovely summer and fall.  Why did it have to end?  I mean, really, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and there has been snow, ice and temperatures in the teens.  I am asking myself, why would anyone, and more importantly, I, live in such a place?  Snow emergency routes, long johns, double coats … it all seems like such a hassle.  Why am I living here again?

I mean it.  This is not a rhetorical question that I will consider and come to some well-reasoned conclusion.  Winter sucks in the Midwest and nothing can convince me otherwise.  I had no notion or inclination of what exactly I was getting myself into when I decided to move here last March.  I have been denying the existence of the Minnesotan winter and now its punched me in the nose and I am not ready to forgive.  Especially since it will continue to kick me while I’m down for the next four months.  La-ame.

After six years in North Carolina, I am woefully under-prepared for winter here.  Before last Sunday, I didn’t even have an ice scraper for my car.  I still don’t have the proper coat or gloves.  I walked to the coffeeshop and thought my face was going to shatter.  I have slipped on the ice and nearly fallen about 87 times.  On campus there is a sad little sign on the sidewalk that declares it “closed for winter.”

What’s a girl to do?  Luckily, people are taking pity on me and I greatly appreciate it.  I was presented with a pair of SmartWool socks from a fellow post-doc.  My adviser sent me home with a microwave heating pack.  I am getting bombarded with advice and suggestions everyday.  However, I think they only way that I am going survive the upcoming season is by escaping it.  I am starting by heading to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, a plan that I am extremely thankful for.


2 responses to “Why, Winter?

  1. As a survivor of two-and-a-half winters in Madison, WI, I must tell you: it doesn’t get better. Sorry, but that’s the truth, or at least my experience. In retrospect, it horrifies me that I once considered becoming an ass. prof. at Madison.

    Tonya and I spent last Thanksgiving in Atlanta. It was cold, but not MN-grade cold. We had a good time.

  2. 1. Comfort before fashion. Don’t be afraid to look like a dork or to mess up your hair, just wear something warm. Trust me, everyone else is too busy trying to stay warm to care what you look like. There’s something oddly satisfying about walking around properly dressed on a really cold or snowy day.
    2. Develop a repertoire of warm alcoholic drinks: mulled wine, hot toddy, etc.
    3. Make hay while the sun don’t shine: get as much work done as possible while it is cold and dark so that when nice weather does finally arrive (April or so, probably) you can go out and enjoy it and feel like you’ve earned it.
    4. Get a fun winter-only pastime! Snowshoeing, skating, x-country skiing, ice fishing, etc.

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