So it snows a lot in Minnesota

I have mentioned before how completely unprepared I am for a Minnesota winter.  That hasn’t really changed and winter is continuing to kick my ass.  It snowed, and snowed and snowed some more yesterday.  You could barely see out the window.

We got about 20 inches of snow yesterday and are officially in a “snow emergency.”  Which means that I had to move my car so that they could plow the streets.  Had I been slightly smarter, I would have moved my car before we had accumulated the nearly two feet of snow.  But I didn’t, and so had to get up early this Sunday morning and dig my car out.

It took nearly an hour.  Thank god one of my neighbors left a snow shovel in the entryway, as I don’t have one.  And I thank the kind stranger who gave my car a push so that I could be on my way.  And, thankfully, they will plow the streets (and in a timely and organized manner).  At least this city knows what it’s dealing with.

The cats took the right approach.  Napping on the couch in the warm and cozy apartment.

Now, I am trying really, really hard to embrace this whole winter thing.  After the snow storm last week I decided to venture outside and take a walk around Lake of the Isles.  It was rather pretty and definitely put me in a holiday mood.

I was tempted to sit and contemplate this scene -if only the bench wasn’t totally covered in snow!

This one reminds me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the streetlamp in Narnia.

And this one just amuses me.

This week, I think the longest walk I’ll take is around the corner to Lucia’s for brunch and maybe to Lagoon Cinema to watch Harry Potter.


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