Cure for crankiness

I am sorry to rant at you Minneapolis, but let’s face it – you have not been nice to me.  Luckily I found something that will cheer me up. And yes, it involves chocolate – hot chocolate (spiked)!

Rum-spiked Hot Chocolate

I didn’t really follow a recipe or make any measurements.  But you can’t go wrong with any combo of milk, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and whipped cream and of course, rum.

Add some coffee (leftover from this morning) and white chocolate chips to a small saucepan.

Add some sugar.

Add cocoa powder (I splurged and used the good stuff from Penzeys Spices).

Whisk in some milk.

Heat until chocolate chips melt and milk is warmed through.  I kept it on low heat because I was scared of scorching the milk.

While chocolate is heating, whip up some vanilla cream.

By hand. I was actually surprised at how quick and easy it was.  Not to mention satisfying!

Fold in some powdered sugar and vanilla.

Add some spiced rum to the bottom of your mug (I won’t show you how much I added to mind) and fill with hot chocolate.

Top with some vanilla whipped cream.

Crankiness cured.

Now if only it would stop snowing…


One response to “Cure for crankiness

  1. Sounds like you need my homemade marshmallow recipe! Email me!

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