Christmas Eve Dive

It’s been days since I last opened my computer – I guess that’s a sign of a good vacation! I am generating a backlog of posts – certainly not how I wanted to end the year.  I am slowly working my way through my holiday vacation.  First was the cookie extravaganza with the cousins.

Next was Dad’s and my semi-annual Christmas Eve dive.

We went to Sund Rock in Hoodsport (deep in the rain forest – it’s no wonder that the Twilight vampires live here).

It rained that day (as it did most every day I was visiting).  Good thing we were already planning on getting wet!

It was Dad’s job to get all the gear together.  Fortunately, there was a very convenient bench for us to set up all of our stuff.

It was my job to look cute.  Pretty hard to do when you are wearing a snow suit underneath a dry suit.  (The dry suit is a must for any diver in the Pacific Northwest – the average water temp is about 40 degrees!)

And down we went.  I always get a little nervous going descending into the cold, watery darkness if I haven’t dove in a while – but then you start to see the unbelievable sea-life and you forget that you are underneath 70 feet of water and breathing air out of a tank.

We immediately encountered these two.

Wolf eels.  Pretty cool, eh?

And lots of fish (some even hanging with the sea stars).

And the odd-looking sea anemones.  I find it hard to believe that these are animals.  It really is a completely other world down there.

And yes, that’s me looking like an alien-intruder.

Aside from one panic-stricken moment when I started to ascend feet-first, it was a pretty great dive.  Nothing flashy like warmer waters – but nevertheless pretty cool and full of diversity.  Definitely worth being in the cold, dark water.

Thanks Dad for yet another fantastic dive.

And thanks Pacific Northwest, for never ceasing to amaze me.


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