Call me old-fashioned …

Actually, don’t call me old-fashioned.  I mean, I have purple hair and went to hippie college.  Not what you would call old-fashioned.  What I meant is that you can call a me the type of person who likes to drink an old-fashioned.  It may have gotten started when I started watching Mad Men a few years back, which incidentally corresponded to the opening of a whiskey bar in back in Durham, Whiskey (a less than original name, I know, but they have lots of personality).  Either way, it is slowly becoming one of my drinks of choice (don’t worry gin and tonic – you will always have a place in my heart).

I find it also helps immensely in dealing with the Midwestern winter (in addition to all of that comfort food I just talked about).


Start with a sugar cube (~1 tsp), ideally in the proper glassware.  Alas, all I had was this stemless wine glass.

Add a few dashes of Angostura bitters.

Add 1 tsp water and muddle together.

Add some ice to the glass.

And fill with 3 oz of bourbon (2 shot glasses worth).

Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.


Don’t be surprised if I emerge from this winter a 250-pound alcoholic…


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