Love is …

Okay, so I am not huge into Valentine’s day.

But I do think it is important to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate the people who you love in your life.


Romantic Love.


Mother-Daughter Love.


Baby Love.


Which turns into Toddler Love.


Father-Daughter Love.


Sibling Love.


Friend Love.


Drive-2 1/2-hours-to-Orlando-to-spend-the-weekend-with-your-family Love.


Fly-to-Minneapolis-every-month-except-during-winter-to-see-you Love.


Support-you-no-matter-what-and-give-you-hugs-when-you-need-them Love.


To all of the Loves in in my life-

Happy Valentine’s Day.

You mean the world to me.


One response to “Love is …

  1. Love this… Great to see you happy despite the cold.

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