Bananas Foster Milkshake

These were sitting in my fruit bowl.

Slightly overripe, but not quite ready for banana bread, bananas.

So I wondered what to make with them. And somehow got the idea of a banana milkshake in my head. And couldn’t shake it. So I braved the still below freezing temperatures to walk to the grocery store to pick up some vanilla ice cream.

Banana milkshakes without a doubt, remind me of my great-grandparents on my mother’s mother’s side. Both have since passed away, but when I was a child, we would go over to their house and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and banana milkshakes. Most of my other memories of them are now fuzzy and blurred with age, but those banana milkshakes in the retro, brightly-colored metallic cups are crystal clear.

I wanted to jazz up this particular banana milkshake. Over New Year’s, while in New Orleans, Scott and I had a jazz brunch at Arnaud’s with some of his old college friends.  For dessert I was peer-pressured into having the Bananas Foster, apparently a New Orleans classic. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the cinnamon-banana-rum-ice cream combination. It translates into a milkshake amazingly well.

Blend together:

Vanilla ice cream

An overripe banana

A splash of dark rum

A sprinkle of ground cinnamon

And of course some milk

Simple as that.

And to complete my Sunday afternoon drive down memory lane, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich.


3 responses to “Bananas Foster Milkshake

  1. You put it in the wrong cup, it needs to be metal.

  2. What fond memories, thanks Meleah

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