It’s not complicated

What I love about cooking, and baking especially, is how it transforms ingredients into food. I love the process – the peeling, the chopping, and the sauteing or the mixing, the folding, the whipping and the baking. It’s (usually) a very satisfying science experiment with the end result being something that you can eat and enjoy. There’s a “I made this” feeling that I am addicted to. It’s a yummy accomplishment.

So I hardly ever just eat plain, old food without any kind of manipulation. Fruits get macerated and vegetables are roasted. Most everything gets cooked with bacon.

I had a perfectly ripe avocado sitting in my fruit bowl for the past couple of days, begging to be eaten. But, as I didn’t have a good idea of what to do with it, it continued to sit next to the lemons.

Then, last night, I decided to eat it. Just the avocado. Not as part of a salad or with any fancy sauces. Just the avocado, pure and simple.

And it was awesome.

I’ve realized that often times when I go out to eat, I am drawn to a particular dish because of the ingredients. “Oh, this has avocado in it – well then, decision made.” So why not take time just to appreciate a single, wonderful flavor?

As we head into spring (and please god, let us be heading into spring), this seems to be a great time to re-discover pure and simple flavors of food.

But don’t be surprised if the next post is about baking …


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