Dare I say it’s Spring?

I’ve said it before, and have been wrong … but it feels dangerously like Spring around here. And by here, I mean Minneapolis, if you can believe it.

Like no snow and temps close to 60. The sun even came out.

Can you believe it?

My bike finally saw the light of day again.

This weekend I took a bike ride around the lakes (along with everybody else in the immediate area).

I didn’t even wear a coat.

I had totally forgotten what it was like to ride outside. For most of winter I had my bike set up on a trainer so that I could still get some exercise without having to leave my house (plus I could watch old episodes of Mad Men while I rode). But it just doesn’t compare to being able to ride outside. You feel like you are going so fast and that you are going somewhere, anywhere because the landscape keeps changing around you.

It was wonderful.

I wouldn’t say that it’s beautiful here yet. You can see the lake is still frozen and there is a distinct lack of color to the scenery.

But it’s a step in the right direction.


One response to “Dare I say it’s Spring?

  1. John McSweeney

    It’s cute that you expect there to be such a thing as ‘Spring’ in such a northern climate. At best there’s a few days of ‘oh-crap-I-just-put-away-my-snow-shovel-and-it’s-supposed-to-be-85-degrees-next-week!’

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