Geeking out

I bought a new toy today.

(and yes, this photo was taken with my iPhone…)

This is the dangers of living a block away from the Apple store.

I didn’t really need this iPad 2. But I certainly wanted. Desperately. For no good reason except to have it.

Now I don’t normally operate this way, especially for big ticket items. I’ve had my television for more than 7 years (hint: it’s not HD or even a flat screen) and my computer for over 3. Being a post-doc (one of the most underpaid jobs for the education level required in the entire world) in a long-distance relationship, I have a fairly limited budget. And it doesn’t include iPads.

I told myself I needed it for my cooking. And to read science papers. And to video chat with Scott. Oh, and for Angry Birds. I would learn how to edit photos and blog from it. Clearly it is essential for my life. It’s not like I have computer and an iPhone that will do all of this for me already. But, I turned 30 a month ago and besides eating cake for breakfast, I didn’t really do anything special. And I got a decent tax refund.

So I got up this morning, walked to the coffeeshop and got myself a cup of coffee and then wandered over to the Apple store, where there were already people milling about. And decided to get in line. Then I purchased an iPad 2. And immediately was overwhelmed with guilt for spending so much on a toy. There may have even been a panicked phone call to Scott. I mean, I could have bought another plane ticket or paid down some of my bills. Or something else completely responsible and mature. Then I got over my guilt (kind of) and went to work where I managed to keep it tucked away in its box in my bag for about 6 hours before I broke down and started playing with it. And continued to play with it on the bus and now at home. No stopping to feed the cats or cook dinner. Definitely haven’t gotten ready for my trip down to Florida tomorrow…

I’ve been on this gadget for 5 hours. Where did the time go?

Oh yeah, in a (free) app called Flipboard. Completely awesome. It takes your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader feeds and presents them magazine-style that you can “flip” through. Super, super cool.

So I splurged. Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do (as long as I don’t do it too often).


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