Where are y’all from?

I think this question might currently be the bane of my existence.

It used to be “When are you finishing your Ph.D?” But that’s a done deal now.

And before that it was “Why would you choose to go to graduate school?”

But right now, at this very moment “Where are y’all from?” is the hardest question to answer.

Scott and I were asked this several times while we were at the beach this weekend.

It’s a complicated answer.

Technically I live in Minneapolis.

(Taken last summer – it are nowhere near this pretty yet, but I am trying to stay optimistic that it will happen again)


The problem is I wouldn’t call Minneapolis “home.” Especially if home is where the heart is. I live here and work here but my life is torn all over the country. I usually default and say that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.


Now let’s add Scott into the mix.

He currently lives in Florida.


But grew up in Louisiana.


And we met in North Carolina.

You can see how complicated this is. Oh the perks of being an academic couple!

I’ve discussed before how much the places in your life contribute to who you are, so how you answer really goes a long way in how you define yourself. The answer, or more precisely, how you answer, gives the questioner a huge amount of information about yourself.

And yet I stumble whenever I try and reply…

Maybe I am just tired of the constant traveling and am jonesing to settle down.


One response to “Where are y’all from?

  1. “I’m tired of traveling;
    I want to be somewhere.”

    Talking Heads, “The big country”

    I know the feeling. And I’ve spent far too much of my life in places I don’t like. I hope you and Scott get to be together soon in a place both of you like.

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