Breakfast Scramble

It’s a tough call, but I am pretty sure that weekend breakfast/brunch is my absolute favorite kind of meal. Whether its with girlfriends at a favorite restaurant, with Scott in his screened-in porch or when it’s just me by myself sitting at my dining room table, bathed in the springtime sunshine – there is something about the simplicity and the casualness of the meal that I adore.

When it’s just me here in Minneapolis I might make french toast or more often, a breakfast scramble. When I was a kid my family would go to our cabin in the Cascades on the weekends to go skiing or hiking, depending on the season and more often then not we would have a scramble for breakfast, or “ranch breakfast” as we called it then. (Don’t ask me where the name came from – I have no idea.)

It’s not a pretty dish, I might even venture to call it homely. But it is cozy, comforting and reminds me of home and my childhood weekends at our mountain cabin. It’s not as sophisticated as an omelet nor as cumbersome as cooking all of the components separately. What it is – is versatile. At its base are onions, potatoes and eggs and whatever else you may have in your refrigerator.  Meat, veggies, greens and cheese can all be incorporated in any kind of combination. And it always works.

Breakfast Scramble with Ham, Cheddar and Arugula

Start by sauteing some diced onions over medium-low heat.

Add some diced potatoes (frozen hashbrowns will also work well).

Season liberally with your favorites – mine are salt, pepper and Tony’s.

Add some chopped ham.

(If using bacon or sausage I would suggest cooking it first, transferring it to plate and cooking the onions and potatoes in the leftover grease.)

Next, take a couple of eggs.

And scramble them.

Cook until mostly done. Add some arugula and cook until wilted.

And top with some shredded cheddar cheese. Heat until cheese is melted.

And that’s it. I think it takes about 20 minutes.

Now to take advantage of this rare spring sunshine …


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