You can juice a rhubarb?!?

Indeed you can.

Thank you Amateur Gourmet for the brilliant idea.

I don’t even have words for how awesome this is. Pure, amazing rhubarb-ness.

About a year ago Scott and I had dinner at Craftsman where I had a rhubarb martini (and some amazing gnocchi). I remember it being good but not earth-shattering and I thought to myself “I can do better.” So we stopped by the store to pick up some rhubarb and I made a simple syrup infused with rhubarb. I then used my french press to keep all the chunks of rhubarb out of my drink and mixed it with some vodka and poured it into a martini glass. And it was like drinking sugar water with vodka, because, well, that’s what it was. A splash of lime juice helped, but it still wasn’t as awesome as I had envisioned it.

A year later and I am still thinking about the perfect rhubarb cocktail. The brilliance of the Amateur Gourmet’s rhubarb juice is that you aren’t cooking it at all. I heeded his advice and dramatically cut down on the sugar to a scant 1/4 cup sugar per 1 cup rhubarb juice. Utterly beautiful. I am completely enamored by this juice.

Rhubarb Juice

makes 1 cup
4-5 stalks rhubarb
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar

Cut rhubarb into 2-inch pieces.

Put rhubarb into a blender and add water. Puree until nice and pulpy.

Transfer from blender to a mesh strainer over a bowl. Press rhubarb mash down to collect all the juice.

To sweeten, simply add 1/4 cup sugar per cup of rhubarb juice to a saucepan and heat just until sugar dissolves. Use right away or store in a jar in the refrigerator.

I’ve used this to make a simple rhubarb soda by simply adding some sparking water. I’ve also made rhubarb mint lemonade (a riff on this) and am currently concocting a cocktail … recipe to come soon!

Note: As my dear friend Jenny pointed out – please don’t eat the leaves, they are poisonous (contain oxalic acid)!


6 responses to “You can juice a rhubarb?!?

  1. That sounds awesome. I will probably just add a tiny bit of honey instead of sugar. Yum.

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