CSA: Week 3

I am digging this whole CSA thing.

In the box this week: mixed salad greens, red oak lettuce, garlic chives, garlic scapes, green beans, sugar snap peas and strawberries. What a haul! And I have the whole box to myself – but to be honest, I am a little worried how I am going to get through it all…

But I started with a salad. Red oak lettuce with strawberries and baked goat cheese, dressed with basil oil and red wine vinegar.

I may need to work on my baked goat cheese presentation skills – but it tasted pretty good. I can’t tell if it is the variety of lettuce, or the fact that it was just picked but you could actually taste it – something that I haven’t always appreciated in a lettuce. As for the strawberries … well they are better than any I’ve had from the store this spring. Just look at how bright and colorful they are!

Yeah, I am digging this whole CSA thing.

But I wouldn’t mind a few recommendations for what to do with the rest of my box.


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