What a weekend.

There were smiles, tears, hugs, good food and drink and even better people.

And there was love.

Lots and lots of love.

Two dear friends of mine from grad school got married. To each other.

Robin and Dave

Every time I think back on it – it brings tears to my eyes. It was perhaps the most beautiful and love-filled event I’ve ever witnessed. I say with great pride that I am good friends with both Robin and Dave, as individuals and as a couple – so their union turns me into a giant oozing ball of mush.

I met Dave when I was a first year grad student and he was an older and wiser student in my same program. As life would have it, I was nearly living with him (at the time I was dating his housemate) and over the course of the year, became great friends with him and my life has been forever better for it.

Robin entered the scene the next year when she came to grad school and now I can’t imagine a world without her. Remember my post about The Pacific Northwest and my inability to articulate my affinity for such a place? I wrote that with Robin in mind.

Thanksgiving 2005

But let’s get back to the wedding. The crowds descended upon a small town in rural Vermont (I suppose that might be a redundant phrase) where Robin grew up. Family and friends from all stages of life – childhood, high school, college, grad school and now as post-docs. It should come as no surprise, given how awesome Robin and Dave are that they people they have surrounded themselves with people who are equally as awesome. And that, more than anything, is why the weekend was so much fun. Reunions with old friends from grad school and the making of new friends. The sharing of life and love and everything in between.

Bridal Prep

The ceremony was lovely. Robin and Dave entered together, holding hands and exuding happiness. They welcomed their guests and asked representatives from various aspects of their life to join them and speak about Family, Friendship, Exploration and Love, each symbolized with flower. Pete, Robin’s insanely talented stepfather, made a vase of sorts to collect them all. They exchanged vows, rings and sealed the deal with a kiss. And I stood there, next to them, sobbing the entire time.

There were cocktails and a serious spread of tasty cheeses, followed by a delicious dinner where the tables were named after well-known evolutionary biologists (at least to a good fraction of the crowd). And then the dancing began. And continued. And continued some more. My legs are still sore. And to cool off we ended the evening with an impromptu pool party.

If only I had more photos to share with you. But I was too busy partaking in all of the festivities. Luckily they had a fantastic photographer who already has some photos posted here.

I wish that I could put into words how special the weekend was. How touching it was to how happy and excited Robin and Dave are. How much love was shared by everybody who took part. How much fun the whole thing was.

So thank you, Robin and Dave, for letting me be a part your wedding celebration, but more for letting me be a part of your lives.

I love you guys.

*Swampkins is just a funny play on words that we designated for the event. Mostly for Twitter purposes.


4 responses to “Swampkins*

  1. Sounds lovely. I don’t know Dave and Robin as well as you do, but I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with them.

  2. I feel compelled to admit that the only scientist name I recognized was Darwin.

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