What happened to you?

Where did you go?

This month, more so than most, has flown by.

Here are the highlights:

Scott and I went to Chicago and all we did was take this photo at The Bean.

That’s not quite true. We gathered in the windy city to witness the union of our two dear friends, Jenny and Sayan. But I don’t have photos of that. Because, as it turns out, I am really bad at taking the time to take photographs when I am actually having a life (remember Dave and Robin’s wedding?).

It also turns out that I am a romantic sap. I love watching people promise to spend their lives together. To become each other’s family. It’s stunningly lovely. And never fails to bring tears to my eyes. To have the people from all aspects of your life gather, assemble and celebrate love.

Plus, there is the added benefit of their friends being my friends. So in assembling to celebrate Jenny and Sayan, I got to see many of my friends that I had made while in graduate school. Some of whom I hadn’t seen for nearly two years and just thinking about it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Somewhere in the middle of November, I spent a week in Minneapolis, where I developed my menu for Thanksgiving.

Then I flew to the best corner of the world, the Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as home.

Where I got to play with babies and toddlers (and force my hugs and kisses on them).

And fuss in my parents’ top-notch kitchen.

Eating more than I thought I possibly could. All the while soaking up the scenery.

Lazy days filled with family. Doing nothing and having the days slip through my fingers without a second thought.

As always, it does my heart and soul good.

November, you will be missed, for you brought me my friends and family (and a lot of food!).

A girl can’t ask for much more.


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