I’ve created a monster

Several of them in fact.

Aren’t they just about the most adorable things you’ve ever laid eyes on?

I am ridiculously proud of my monsters.

And for the fact that they are all Christmas gifts designated for the various rugrats in my life. Completely finished before the start of December. (Some of them are even wrapped, if you can believe that). But before they got all wrapped up, they had a photo shoot.

Never before in my life have I been so on top of my handmade gift-giving. You can blame it on my loneliness here in the Midwest.

Last March, when I turned the big 3-0, my aunt gave me a knitting book full of patterns for these monsters, The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. I’m not sure if she was being ironic (spinster old lady living alone with her two cats and her knitting) or if she thought the monsters were utterly adorable. I prefer the latter, so we’ll stick with that.

I instantly fell in love and started knitting. Each monster has such a personality and the author, Rebecca Danger, describes them perfectly.

Meet Leila, Lydia and Lucas, a little monster family:

Lydia and Lucas absolutely love jumping on beds, so that’s where the family tends to hang out most of the time…

This is B, the basement monster:

B is an excruciatingly shy monster. He lives in the basement so that he can meet new people and be around the ones he knows on his own terms.

Dot, the dress-up box monster:

Dot is a complete glamour monster and loves everything to do with fashion and style. You can generally find her in the dress-up box, playing with fabric and clothes.

And let’s not forget Tony, the toy-box monster:

Tony has claimed what he thinks is the best home in the entire house: the toy chest! Since he’s ball-like in appearance, everyone overlooks him when they look in the toy box, which leaves him undisturbed and able to play all day and all night with any toy he want.

There may have been some cat-monster wars (Puck was almost always victorious until I intervened…).

These monsters were so much fun to make…

And are undeniably silly. Which makes them perfect gifts.


3 responses to “I’ve created a monster

  1. Oh my gosh. These monsters turned out GREAT! As soon as I am done with more pressing knitting projects (you know-Christmas) I will start on one of the monsters.
    BTW-I totally fell in love with your blog!! Already made the Bretzel bread twice and made the chorizo potato soup with veggie chorizo substitute. It was delicious. At home, potatoes and leeks are waiting to be turned into yummy potato leek soup. Yummy. Have a great weekend.

  2. Jennifer Manterola

    These are so cute! Love them. And glad you have had something keeping you busy with those cold days!

  3. Yes they are very cute and somehow remind me of different family members!!! Its cute you gave them all names,and yes i gave u that book to help you channel some of your creativity out of the kitchen!!!! Sometimes I feel like Leila after puk gets done with her!

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