My windows are open…

I’ll admit it, I’m a snoop. You have no idea how unbelievably happy I am when I spot a house without curtains … just so I can catch a glimpse of what might be inside. It sounds creepy, I know. It’s not so much about the people – in fact, I get uncomfortable if in my gawking, I spot the residents, but more about the space and how it’s filled. When I was younger I thought I was going to be an architect. I took years of drafting and architecture classes in high school and even a semester of it in college, but gave it up because I didn’t think I was creative enough to come up with new design ideas.

But I still love buildings, homes and design. I love taking a space and elevating it so that it’s not only functional, but fun to be in. And I love seeing how other people tackle that challenge. Cue: The Small Cool Kitchen Challenge at The Kitchn. Here’s the deal, people submit their small (<120 square feet) kitchen and viewers vote for their favorite. Whoever is the most popular (and it seems exactly like a popularity contest, with some design and function thrown in) wins some sweet kitchen gear.

So I entered. My kitchen is SMALL, ~60 square feet, and pretty cool. My aunt came to visit a while back and she was flabbergasted at how I managed to cook and bake all that I do in the teeny tiny space. But I make do (the trick – wash your dishes as you go!). I was afraid I wouldn’t make the cut as there are some preliminary editorial decisions (exactly like when you submit a science manuscript) and I just got word that my kitchen was internet judgement-worthy. I’m generally not into these things, or in self-promotion, but if you want to take a peak inside of my kitchen … my windows are open.

Meleah’s Economical Minneapolis Kitchen

(I don’t care so much about winning the prizes – where would I put all that new kitchen what-not in my small space? But I am in desperate need of validation … I’ve never been a contender in popularity contests.)


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