For a good reason

I bought myself a present.

It’s for a good reason.

Presents to oneself are all the more special if for a good reason. I’ve been coveting new knives for well over a year now, but couldn’t quite bring myself to buy. The waiting, the anticipation, the final decision to purchase makes the whole thing carry more meaning.

Somehow, two years have past since I started posting to this little online space. What?!? Nearly two hundred entries and well over a hundred recipes shared. The twists and turns in life, love and science and my retreats to the kitchen. I’ve made a mess of things, but more often then not, I’ve also made something I’m proud of. So cheers to me!


2 responses to “For a good reason

  1. I LOVE my global knives…not a gift to myself (wedding gifts). But gifting global knives to oneself sounds like the best gift of all 🙂

  2. You deserve such a beautiful set of knives – well done on the submitted ms, on the good conference experience, and on all the delish blog posting. Maggie

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