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Cherry-Rhubarb Mini Crisp with Sweet Basil Ice Cream

Just call me Goldilocks. You wouldn’t be the first. Whenever I go to bake something I first need to make the decision on how much I want to make. You can see from my assortment of baking dishes that this … Continue reading

Honey Lavender Browned Butter Rhubarb Crisp

I’m not taking the day off for Memorial Day. I have no barbeques or picnics to attend. I’m headed off to the lab to play with my yeasties so that I can take off next weekend. I am going to … Continue reading

Rhubarb Pie à la mode and a lesson in kitchen math

Rhubarb. People don’t call it the ‘pie plant’ for nothing. I decided to keep it simple with the first batch of the season. Straight up rhubarb pie with a citrus twist. À la mode, of course. But first, a lesson in … Continue reading

The Return of Rhubarb

How I’ve been longing for this day. Desperately anticipating the return of my food crush. Fresh from the community garden of a co-worker. The most wonderful surprise on a otherwise unremarkable Thursday. Which lucky recipe will be the first of … Continue reading

Rhubarb Cobbler-Cake

I am not sure what to call this. A cobbler? A cake? A pie? A shortcake? Whatever it is – it tastes pretty damn good. Rhubarb tossed in brown sugar, wedged between two layers of sweet dough-y delicousness. Served with … Continue reading